Kara Volle Photography | Holly + Mike: Engagement Session Downtown St. Louis

Holly + Mike: Engagement Session Downtown St. Louis

July 20, 2018  •  1 Comment

From our first phone call together, I knew that Holly + Mike were going to be a blast to work with! I have been looking forward to their engagement session ever since, and was doubly excited as I knew they would be bringing their dog Louie along. These two lovebirds met at Indiana University their senior year, and then Mike continued on to Notre Dame for his law degree. Now they live in Chicago and are together in the same city at last! I am super jealous of their proximity to Chicago Diner and all of the magical stationary shops that seem to be on every corner.

I loved hearing about their proposal story which turned out to be a two parter. Holly had told me about the infamous "Stauder luck" that seems to follow Mike's family everywhere. Mike had planned to propose in DC but when he was supposed to fly out to meet Holly there, he was trapped in Chicago by a sudden snow storm! Luckily, when they were in Chicago together again, he found a good opportunity while walking along Michigan Ave - where he was finally able to ask Holly that most important of questions - "Will you marry me?" Ever since they have been planning for their big day this coming April!

Being that we needed to be mindful of the "Stauder luck" I was paying extra close attention to the weather leading up to their engagement session. I am happy to report that the chance of storms teased us, but we were able to stick with their original session date! They chose to meet for their session downtown so that we could get some shots with the Arch, now that the construction on the new grounds is complete. We had such a great time and I loved that they were up for all of my ideas, even in the warm temperatures :-) Louie was the perfect little model and wasn't phased by the crowds of people in the nearby fountains or other dogs we encountered. He is a true city dog! Holly proved herself as the ultimate dog mom (and good citizen of the world) as she successfully picked up Louie's second "present" from the sidewalk in an alarmingly small ziplock bag. She had no fear as we all held our breath, worried that the bag would fail her, but her courage prevailed and she remained uncovered in said "present". Success! As a fellow dog parent I understand that there is nothing more terrifying that being without pick-up bags after you think your fur baby has fully relieved themselves on the first go-round.

Enough about Louie's bathroom incident! Please enjoy some highlights from Holly + Mike's picture perfect engagement session! 


Beautiful colours and stunning location!
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