Kara Volle Photography | Beth + Matt: St. Ambrose and Majorette St. Louis Wedding

Beth + Matt: St. Ambrose and Majorette St. Louis Wedding

January 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Beth + Matt's love story started on match.com. As Beth was telling me about their meeting, I instantly felt a kinship with her as Daniel and I also met on Match. Thank you modern day technology for connecting us all!

When these two lovely souls intercepted, their bond was plain to see. Friends and family knew that this was the beginning of something extra special for them both. And most importantly, once Beth's dad determined that Matt wasn't jinxing the Badgers into losing, he was accepted into the family!

With their wedding date falling at the beginning of December, notes of holiday magic filled the air and everything felt wonderfully festive. Their ceremony took place at St. Ambrose church (always beautiful) and their reception was at Majorette (yay Maplewood!) I was so excited to hear that their puppy Quincy would be meeting us at the park after the ceremony for a quick visit. She was oh so adorable and did a great job posing for the camera! Throughout the day so much fun was had by all and everyone took FULL advantage of the party bus - which led to some hilarious "bus-dancing" pictures. SO FUN! I now wish for all of my couples' transportation to have a dancing pole and people willing to use it lol. 

That evening we arrived at Majorette and the celebration continued with three incredible speeches that had everyone doubled over in laughter! Beth's dad recounted the close call that occurred during Matt's first visits to Wisconsin. The Badgers had lost two games during his stay and this threw everything into question. Fortunately, the third visit proved a successful Badger victory and everyone breathed a sigh of relief! As fate would have it, there was a Badgers game taking place the night of the wedding, but not to worry they were able to have it projected infront of the bar area lol. True sports fans to the end! It was a night of dancing, cheering, and celebrating! I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph Beth + Matt's special day. They are such a wonderful couple and I had so much fun with them! Enjoy some highlights from their December wedding! 


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